Thursday, November 24, 2005

Where is Amy?

On November 7, 2005, Amy and 57 other Peace Corps Volunteers left the United States for the country of Namibia. She will be there until December of 2007.

Link to a newspaper article in Amy's hometown paper

Amy lives in the town of Anker, a dusty little place of several hundred people with a school of about 300 kids in K-7th grades. There was one volunteer here just before her but she is the only white person in town and probably for many miles in any direction. She teaches English and Science, is the school librarian and works on many projects that will improve the town and school.
Here is a link to a post about her home and school.
Anker, Namibia on Google Maps and Google Earth

Her adventures are recorded in the many emails that she sends back.
Use this link to read just her emails

Here are some maps to help you picture where she is:

Satellite map of Southern Africa

Click to enlarge

Outline map of Namibia
Click to enlarge.
Amy's town of Anker is located 50 miles NW of Khorixas and 30 miles SW of Kamanjab.

Satellite map of northwestern Namibian towns near Amy
Click to enlarge.

Satellite map of Amy's region
Click to enlarge.

Birdseye view of Amy's region
Click to enlarge.

Satellite view of Anker
Click to enlarge.

Birdseye view of Anker
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Hand drawn outline map of Anker
Click to enlarge (you might need to click on it again to make it large enough to read). She said it is not meant to be to scale. Her house is on the center right.

More maps of cities in Namibia

Google Maps -where you can get satellite and aerial views of just about any place on earth.

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