Sunday, November 27, 2005

A tidbit about Amy in Jason's blog (excerpts from an e-mail from me)

You're back! We heard via Jason that you had a great welcome in Anker. He said it was the best welcoming story he had heard

From Jason's blog:
By far most of the stories are good. It seems that everyone has had positive experiences and is looking forward to getting to work. I have heard several people who have been intimidated by the accomplishments of previous PCV's, given a high standard to uphold. I've also heard the dirty house story, the "my boss doesn't care much" story, and the "I'm the only white guy/girl" story many times over in different contexts. Amy had the best "welcome to the village" story, she arrived to the whole school holding a sign with her name welcoming here; singing, dancing, the whole works. The funniest story goes to Mike who was solicited for money and food through a broken window while taking a shower. He took second place as well with the account of one student who, upon witnessing him exit the van when he first arrived, remarked "looks like it's going to be a white Christmas after all!"

We read his blog tonight (Sun night ) about 6 pm. That was also our clue that you had made it back safely. We are very thirsty for news about you and your week. We tried calling you unsuccessfully today at about 1:00 pm our time (9 pm yours) using the modified number we had from you before and a cell phone number that was on Brock's blog. The one from Brock's blog went through and we could barely hear someone talking briefly but it soon disconnected. Otherwise we just got busy signals. Talk to Jason about how he gets calls. He has said he has spoken to his family a couple of times.

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