Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Videos about Namibia

Videos should play right on this page by clicking the arrow once:

"We children from Baumgartsbrunn"
22 min video about a school in Namibia where one of the Peace Corps Volunteers (Irene) works.

"Animals in Namibia" - a 1 min video about Etosha animals

"Cruisin Namibia" - a 4 min video about the adventure of getting around in NW Namibia

"Namibia - experience it yourself " - a 10 min video about some touristy things to do in Namibia

"Namibian Green Energy" - a 4 min video about renewable energy in Namibia

"Educating Namibia: A dream come true" - a 9 min video from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America about Namibians trained in the US and working in Namibia

Link to videos on other pages:

"Namibia's unexpected ecosystems" - a 3.5 min video about some of the unusual natural beauty in Namibia

"Namibia - This land is ours" - a 19 min video about the land redistribution challenges in Namibia

"Maturisa Ehinga- We are fighting AIDs " - a series of 4 videos (check the links on the left side of the page) about a project by Elon University students on the AIDs epidemic in Namibia

"Cats and Dogs work together" - a 4 min video about a unique conservation project near Amy's village.

KhoeKhoegowab lessons - 4 videos about the language that Amy is learning to speak

Namibia March 2007 - a 27 min video by a tourist with good video from near where Amy lives

Welcome to Namibia - 3 videos for the Namibian Tourism Board

Wolvedans- The Namib Desert - a 3 min video of scenery from the desert set to music

Namibia, a filmmakers destination - a 6 min film on movie sets in Namibia

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