Tuesday, January 30, 2007

KhoeKhoegowab language lesson videos

KhoeKhoegowab is the language that the people in the village of Anker speak. Although most of Amy's classes are taught in English, she has learned enough of it to understand some basics and is able to read it.

More about the Damara people group and the language they speak.

Want to learn some KhoeKhoegowab?

Here are some video lessons in the language:

KhoeKhoegowab Lesson No: 1

KhoeKhoegowab Lesson No: 2

KhoeKhoegowab Lesson No: 3

KhoeKhoegowab Lesson No: 4


Anonymous said...

Love it love it love it!!!!
I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Namibia from 2001-2003. Thanks for the videos with excellent production, and the beautiful language and people of Namibia! :-)

John Marks said...

These lessons are excellent - sufficiently simple even for English speakers!
In a few months our town, Gisborne, hosts the Namibian team for the rugby world cup here in Newzealand.
We would like to publish a few lessons in the local newspaper and have a few simple DVDs and phrase books available so that the people of Gisborne can try and make the Namibian team feel 'at home'