Sunday, November 13, 2005

A very brief call from Amy

At 1:15 or so this afternoon, Amy called. I had been home from church with Ben for a short while and Nancy had stayed in town to visit Mom and to shop for a few things. The phone rang and Amy said, "Hi, Dad, quick write down this number and call me right back. I can't stay on the line any longer because it costs too much". I called the number right back and a recording came on saying I didn't need to dial a 0 after the country code she gave me. So I called again and the recording said "all international circuits to this country are busy please try later". I kept trying and got the same thing.

After about 10-15 minutes, Amy called back. Just then Nancy walked in the door. I quick waved her to the phone. We explained quickly what had happened and she said something about having less than a minute to talk. We quickly asked how she was and how things were going. A brief answer was everything is fine and she was healthy and doing okay. She suddenly said she was going to get cut off and to try back again. A quick goodbye and that was it.

I tried calling back until about 2:30pm (10:30 pm her time) with no luck. All circuits busy. So I quit trying and wrote her an e-mail. She said something about internet connection and maybe she meant she will try to email us.

Nancy had been in Walmart and all of a sudden had a feeling she should get home, thinking that if Amy was going to call, it might be now. I guess she was right. It was frustrating, but good to hear her voice and to know, even though brief, that she was okay.

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