Monday, November 28, 2005

Email to the family from Amy


Hello. Things are going well. I thought I'd write a little note just for the family. I'm going to try not to repeat myself, so if you want info, look at the previous email. I am doing really well here. I feel very good about my permanent site. I will have to be proactive to prevent loneliness since the site is so isolated, but I am really comfortable in the community and I feel very much taken care of. I did feel a little shy and embarrassed by all of the attention, but I tried to accept it graciously. Culturally some of the ways of being polite and showing honor are different from American ways. For example, in America it is generally polite to refuse food, at least the first time it is offered, but in Namibia you show honor by eating the food they give you, which was quite a challenge. I wanted to show honor to the family because they were so kind to me and so hospitable, but I didn't really know how to do it. It is quite hot here. I am being vigilant with sunscreen. Surprisingly, no one has really commented about my hair. Children were fascinated by my freckles, though. They would come up and gently touch my arm. Some of them would rub gently. I think they think that it's dirt or a stain that will come off. I was explaining to one of the teachers how I use sunblock and she said, "Did the sun do that to your skin?" and pointed to the freckles on my arm. It's really interesting. Thank you for all of the prayers. I have been thinking of you all. I missed you a lot on Thanksgiving. I thought of you. I'll try to call on Christmas, it was just too difficult for Thanksgiving. I love you all a lot. Please, if you are sending a package, send paper pictures. I brought a load of digital photos, but next to no paper photos. Also, I would appreciate a surge protector if it doesn't cost too much to send. I love you all again.



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