Sunday, November 13, 2005

We tried (excerpts from an email from us to Amy)


(Written at 1:45 pm Sunday just after trying to
call you)

We tried calling the number you gave us
but the recording said I didn't need to dial a 0
after the country code.So I tried that and the
recording said that "your call cannot be
completed in the country you are calling at this time,
please try your call later" . I kept trying and
one time it said " all international circuits
to this country are busy, please call later"

I guess we tried. Maybe next time.
Interesting though, Mom stayed in town after
church to see her Mom and to shop at Walmart.
Ben and I came home in the other car.
All of a sudden she had a feeling she should
come home. When you called back the
second time, she was just walking in the door!

We have been keeping up on many of the
interesting things you are doing and seeing
through Jason Sears' Blog. He has posted
something every day including a couple today. He has
told us about your camp and the town and even
some about the birds (the wild ones and the annoying ones).

It sounds like you might have had an interview
today to find out more about your placement.
You also sound like you might have a busy week.
We loved hearing your voice even if it was short.
And we liked hearing that you are doing well.
I'm sure it was frustrating to try and connect but then
that is the motto isn't it.

We got your letter from Philly. I sent a note
about your blog to a number of other people and told
them if they wanted to get on your group mailing
list to email you or me. Several people have said
they liked your blog and would keep following it.

I have tried calling several more times now and
the same thing has happened. It is now 2:10 PM
(10:10pm your time). So I think I'd better give up.
You are probably not waiting any more anyway.
We'll get in touch sometime. And we'll keep emailing.
We will also write too.

Love you, Dad and Mom

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