Thursday, November 17, 2005

A cold morning (excerpts from an e-mail from me to Amy)

Amy, (5:45AM on Thursday Nov 17)

We got your e-mail yesterday and it was great to hear from you. We'll be praying about your placement, which sounds like you will find out about tomorrow. We're excited that you will learn the click language. It will be very challenging to learn though.

That person who went back to her home after staging said on her blog that she will join you Saturday. She also posted some pictures from staging and you were in one of them. That was cool.

Speaking of cool, it is 3 degrees above right now. We had our first snow on Tuesday evening and ended up with about an inch or two and now it's just cold. Mom visited Grandma last night before choir. She is happy but still continues to lose weight.

We're still not absolutely sure about the phone number you gave us or when we could even call you. I am looking into phone cards. ...It sounds though like you are very busy and will be in another location next week. We will continue to e-mail and try to get a letter to you too.

We love you,

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