Thursday, November 24, 2005

Excerpts from a Thanksgiving Day e-mail from Nancy

Dear Amy,
I hope you had a good day on Thanksgiving . I'm sure you didn't celebrate as it isn't a holiday in Africa, but you were a huge part of our Thanksgiving so I'll just tell you how it went. First off, we are dying to hear from you. I know God is working on patience for me through all of this. We didn't really expect to hear from you, but when the phone rang during lunch my heart raced. It was someone else. We got up early to get the turkey ready and read Jason & Brock's blogs. That made us feel closer to you. Jason had a touching description of how discouraged he was his first day at the apartment in Windhoek, so Dad had commented to encourage him and let him know we are praying for him. We feel a kinship to all of your partners and are praying for them too. When the cousins came all three were wearing your scarves that you made them for Christmas last year, that brought tears to my eyes.

Then we all went over all that we had read and thought about from the blogs. Grandpa & Grandma and Di all keep up on them daily & feel like we know especially Jason as he writes most often. Grandpa says I don't need to worry about you at all because Grandma is keeping track of concerns and thinking praying for you all day long. We are all worried that you won't have email or phone service in Anker. And the other big item of prayer is you hitchhiking back to Omaruru on Sunday. I know this is common there, but you are my baby, so I'll keep praying. Brock wrote about making a Risk game out of rice and skittles, and that there was talk of making a Settlers of Catan game. What a hoot! I'm sure this time of checking out your location is really helpful for you.

The girls got sad seeing you in your room through your books and things, and yet not having you here. You are so much a part of our holiday, but we never realized it until you weren't here. Alena cried on your bed before they went home. She's so sensitive... I don't know if it's good or bad to tell you we are sad, but know we are also laughing about how different everything is, and are so happy for you too.

We haven't sent your first package yet, If you think we should send it to Anker let us know if you get to email us this week. Also any needs you have. Alena sent a snail mail letter so you may get that soon.

Love, Love Love and prayers always!


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