Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Detailed satellite maps of Namibia

Google Maps and Google Earth just did a big update of their satellite maps including many new high definition views in Namibia. In many spots you can zoom in to street and house level and see details (trees, cars, even people) that you could never see before.The following links are all in Google Maps but if you download the free version of Google Earth, you get even better views, angles and even 3-D panoramas.

For example, Amy's shopping and post office are in:


(If you do not see detail, click the "satellite" button in the upper right corner of the map. Double click a spot or use the zoom bar on the left to get a closer view)

Unfortunately, the high definition satellite view ends about 8 miles east of Anker, where Amy lives.

(2/28/2007: updated high definition Google Maps now include Anker too)


Other towns are also now in high def. including the larger, nearby town of Otjiwarongo, where Amy has visited and shopped many times:


Swakopmund, where Amy has spent a couple of vacations:


The capital city and surroundings:


Where Jay and Shoni live:


Where her good friend Elizabeth lives:


Dylan and Sandra's town:


Beth and Megan are in this town that had the bad floods in January:


The town Amy did her orientation and where Caitlin and Wendy live:


The town Amy did her teacher training:


Several volunteers live in or near:




Many other towns and almost the whole coastline is in high definition. go exploring a bit on your own. Much of the USA is also now in good detail. Maybe you could find your own house

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