Saturday, September 30, 2006

Recent Nam 25 PCV blogs and Namibian news for the month of September

Recent blog posts from some of Amy's teammates (58 Peace Corps Volunteers known as NAM 25) all across the country of Namibia:

Jason's page of Nam 25 blogger photos and links

Happy Birthday Amy! (9/27) NEW
Field trip to Etosha (9/25) NEW
Photos from Etosha (9/25) NEW
Amy is in Etosha (9/21)
Photos of Anker (9/19)
Haircut, electrical outage and the Brothers K (9/16)
My holiday and the first week of teaching (9/9)
How to help my school with school supplies

we break (9/27) NEW
kuku (9/25) NEW
quotes (9/4)


Links relevant to my work here (9/27) NEW
New(final) contact information (9/27) NEW
Hello (9/10)

No more photos for a while (9/14)
Adventures to the North (9/13)

Blocked extra point in overtime (9/29) NEW
Ear trouble + education tour (9/15)
no more blisters (9/1)


Some stories from second term (9/5)



Update (9/23)
Thank you all (9/5)



Big Business (9/27) NEW
No Joke (9/26) NEW
It's OK:We're Peace Corps (9/25) NEW
Pizza! (9/24) NEW
Made to Order (9/22)
Vagina monologues (9/17)
Matrix farewell (9/16)
Tornado season! (9/14)
Matrix season (9/12)
Happy birthday, Jana (9/11)
Another Weekend (9/11)
World's largest Bri UPDATE (9/11)
World's largest Bri!!! (9/10)
Rain! (9/8)
Ice Cream! (9/7)
Dams, Cones and Goofin (9/4)
Super Bowl Sunday (9/3)

Fear of engulfment (9/2)


The changing of the seasons (10/1) NEW

August break (9/17)

Back home again :) (9/29) NEW
All good things... (9/27) NEW
Pics of Windhoek siege (9/21)
Computer watch, Day 8 (9/21)
Schoolnet pics (9/19)
Adventures in Schoolnet computing (9/19)
Ending the week on a high note (9/10)
Swakopmund and everything (9/8)
August and Everything (9/8)
August break highlights (9/7)
A "POWER"ful update (9/7)
Back from break-updated (9/5)


Photo page (9/12)

Update (9/26) NEW


culturally immersed in the back of a kombi (9/26) NEW
border hustlin" (9/16)

Link to previous list of recent blogs (8/1-31)

Recent news from Namibia:
Children's rights remain a challenge (9/29) - New Era
Workshops won't stop AIDs (9/27) - New Era
Namibia drops on economic index (9/27) - The Namibian
Tourism set for a boom time (9/27) - New Era
Population decline threatens Namibia (9/27) - New Era
Nama debate: more questions than answers (9/20) -New Era
Date set for power project close to Epupa Falls (9/20) - The Namibian
Gibeon back online but woes continue (9/20) The Namiban
Reparations motion makes history (9/20) - The Namiban
Rainy season "won't set records" (9/17) - The Namibian
Tourism is Namibias new gold (9/15) - Engineering news
Polio inoculations a success (9/14) - New Era
Dams holding up well (9/14) - The Namibian
Multi-millionaire dreams of turning Namibia into a game park (9/14) - The Namibian
Ministry issues alert on killer TB (9/13) - New Era
Big Braii without booze (9/12) - The Namibian
Clouds promise rain but fail to deliver (9/12) - The Namibian
Stigma clouds AIDs battle (9/12) - New Era
Opinion -Policies, Promises and Poverty (9/11) - The Namibian
Black September - a glance at Windhoek's seamy underbelly - The Namibian
Caprivi poitical party declared illegal (9/11) - UNIRIN
Namibia fails to break record (9/11) - The Namibian
World record braii hits a snag (9/11) - The Namibian
Etosha fires finally extinguished (9/11) The Namibian
Namibia's night skies (9/6) - The Namibian
Countdown to the world's biggest braii (9/6) - New Era
Etosha fires spare wildlife (9/6) - The Namibian
Caprivi political party ban draws flak (9/5) - The Namibian
Namibia bans political party (9/4) - The Namibian
Its summer time (9/2) - The Namibian

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