Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Recent Nam 25 PCV blogs and Namibian news for the month of August

Recent blog posts from some of Amy's teammates (58 Peace Corps Volunteers known as NAM 25) all across the country of Namibia:

Jason's page of Nam 25 blogger photos and links

a rat, marking, witchcraft and my holiday plans (8/18)
Lemon meringue, marking and a visit about special ed (8/12)
Kamanjab workshop (8/9)
How to help my school with school supplies (8/9)
The jackal and the little lamb, a cold and good news about the copier (8/4)
Some photos of kids at the hostel (8/4)
Some photos from Anker and the kids (8/4)
The weekend (8/1)

Pass some assertive, please (8/16)
Work update (8/16)


Whereabouts and whatabouts and what what what (8/23)
Soundtrack of my life (8/23)
Latin, American and a little bit African =Me. (8/23)


Vacation (8/24)
Cool Hand Luke (8/18)
July rantings (8/11)
Examination Blues (8/11)

Cait in Wisconsin (8/20)
Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy (8/8)




Highlights...lowlights (8/24)
Donations! (8/17)
Laughter (8/17)
So, I got up today (8/16)
Mail (8/15)
Peanut M & M's (8/15)
Donations please: letter from a youth in Opuwo (8/11)
Mom and baby (8/11)
Driving fun! (8/10)
English Speakin' Himbas (8/9)
Well it looks like my typing hands are back (8/9)
Safari Adventures #1/Spirit of the Namib (8/8)
Boys I swear (8/8)
Ding Dong the Witch is gone (8/8)
Sorry! (8/3)



More updates (8/30)
Vaca in Windhoek (8/28)
Southern Tour (8/21)
Ethiopian Dinner (8/7)
Going Presidential (or former Prime Ministorial) (8/4)
Photo Studio (8/3)
Driving in Namibia (8/3)
The Invigilator: part 2 (8/2)

A perfect excuse (8/26)


New Faces Old Problems (8/20)

Term two break (8/18)
Let the term two exams begin (8/13)
Some Pictures (8/7)
Catholic Church Inspection, German volunteer & Luderitz wedding (8/7)

Photos posted (8/17)
MYO receives instruments! (8/17)

Hanging in Opuwo (8/21)
Comment resp. (8/20)

Break Time Again! (8/22)

For the kids (8/17)
ombwa wandje (8/17)
excerpts from grade 6 (8/17)

Link to previous list of recent blogs (6/18 - 7/31)

Recent news from Namibia:
Pressure again put on Germany for Herero compensation (8/29) - New Era
Namibia to make Bike Ambulances (8/29) - New Era
Cops sieze DVD's worth millions (8/29) - New Era
Nujoma Pooh-Pooh's UN claims (8/28) - The Namibian
In Namibia, HIV/AIDs inpacts the Democratic process (8/26) - VOA News
Nujoma under fire for alleged death threats (8/26) - IOL
War veterans up in arms against Pohamba's government (8/26) - Namibian Economist
Keetmanshoop faces a hot, dry summer (8/23) -The Namibian
Rural Education Shaping up (8/23) - New Era
Fuel Hike may hit Tourism (8/23) - The Namibian
Huge turnout for Polio 3 (8/23) - New Era
HIV therapy on target (8/21) - New Era
Polio vaccination last round (8/21) - New Era
Veld fires devastate Kamanjab farms (8/17) - The Namibian
Mercury plummets, cold bites (8/16) -The Namibian
Ambitious plan to fight AIDs (8/17) -The Namibian
IT for the masses (computers in all educational institutions) (8/15) - New Era
Trying to save Opuwo (8/15) - New Era
Furnishing a school in Aranos (8/15) - New Era
We want out land back: Hereros (8/15) -The Namibian
UK flight warning lifted (8/15) - The Namibian
UK terror hits Namibian Air Travel (8/11) - The Namibian
Aminuis residents raise complaints (8/9) - New Era
Mariental fights for survival (8/3) - The Namibian
Cold front brings snow and rain (8/2) - The Namibian

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