Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Kamanjab workshop (email from Amy)

Today I went to Kamanjab (see map) for a workshop for Library Teachers. I'm pretty excited. I got some bread and tomatoes while I was there. Oh, I found milk at the Herero shop (which has a new building, it used to be in a traditional mud and dung building, and a name-- the Squar Deel Shop-- I'm not kidding. It says that in stone above the entrance. They do really well for themselves because they're always open unlike the other shops). I was really excited. I've only seen shelf stable milk in Anker one other time. I bought some and I might buy some more later on (at the moment I have two litres in my fridge which is about a two week supply when I use milk powder for things like pancakes, custard, and other things that don't need fresh milk.) I'm doing well. Hope you guys are too. Love you lots.

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