Tuesday, August 01, 2006

About the Grootberg Lodge

These links are to information about the lodge Amy was just at. Once I figured out what the actual name of it was, I found a lot of information about it. It is actually called the Grootberg Lodge. Khoadi Hoas or ≠Khoadi //Hoas is the name of the conservancy where it is located at.

Web site of Grootberg lodge with photos

Another page about Grootberg lodge

Conservancies in Namibia
(this one includes an example you can click on to listen to someone speaking Khoekhoegowab)

PDF file with a crude map that has Anker on page 15 (requires Acrobat Reader to be opened)

The enterprising Khoadi Hoas

Money donated to Khoadi Hoas

Profile of the Khoadi Hoas conservancy

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GreenmanTim said...

I was pleased to find your posts about Amy's experience in Khoadi //Hoas. My wife and I were Fulbright volunteers there in 1997 and helped the conservancy incorporate. Ten years later, it is a joy to see it thriving. We spent a total of 4 years in Namibia
(between 1990-1992 and during 1996-1998)but nothing was as rewarding or life changing as our work with this community. Best wishes, Tim Abbott