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Recent Nam 25 PCV blogs and Namibian news for June 18 to July 31

Recent blog posts from some of Amy's teammates (58 Peace Corps Volunteers known as NAM 25) all across the country of Namibia:

Another new blogger: Cynthia's Adventures in Namibia

Jason's page of Nam 25 blogger photos and links

The lodge, grant stuff and HIV/AIDs science class (7/28)
A shop and an African sunset (7/28)
Photos of Amy's grade 7 students (7/28)
Hymnal, apartheid and a soldering iron (7/21)
Photos of the hostel (7/21)
Updated information on the Anker copier project (7/23)
Photos from Amy's classroom (7/8)
Long weekend, a drive-through wedding and some traditional tea (7/8)
How you can help the Edward //Garoeb Primary school (6/30)
Polio (again), a dead bird and books (6/30)
Hand drawn map of Amy's town (6/27)
Swakop and a few other things (6/18)

Ward 16 (7/29)
Vacation (7/27)
Christina and Victor (6/24)

Apologies with photos (7/18)

Important, Re: Mail (7/30)
Peacin out (for a few days) (7/25)
Short ramblings ( 7/25)
Climb inside my mind (7/17)
Several posts about various subjects (7/3)
Best News EVER!!! (6/26)

Interesting meats eaten in Namibia (7/21)
Phenomenal women (7/13)
Dixon Chix Adventures in NAM (7/10)
Diversity Committee Education Tour (7/3)

Special Trip to town (7/20)
From July 16 (7/20)
From July 11 (7/20)
From June 24 (7/20)
Week of June 14 (7/20)
Trading Internet for Television (6/30)

African Time (7/26)
Thoughts (7/14)
Ruru Wish List (7/13)
Ruru-palooza (7/12)
Rachel (7/4)
Namibia is for lovers? (6/27)
Dress code (6/23)

Do the right thing. Do the wrong thing. Do nothing? (7/3)



User pic (7/23)
Our safari group (7/21)
Clean clothes and good music and hot water, who could ask for more? (7/18)
Little things (7/18)
Safari update for Stephanie (7/8)
Welcome to Namibia (6/23)
Random (6/23)
Almost (6/23)
The Journey (6/20)


I finally decided to start a blog (7/27)

Peace Corps Tour #1: The Lounge (7/30)
Just can't get enough of those computers (7/30)

Movie (7/27)
Getting political (7/26)
Water hoses, Babylon and Computers (7/23)
Internet Workshop (7/21)
Fixin computers (7/17)
Cockroaches (7/12)
Killin bugs (7/10)
Cake and Wrestling (7/4)
Food, friends and fun (6/26)
Shebeen showdown (6/19)
Another Week + photos (6/18)



Science Fair (7/16)
Afrikaner Party (7/16)
Coach Peterson? (6/30)
Bye Khori (6/30)
Learning to Fly (6/30)

Pics of the tree from the Wild Dog Case Episode (7/27)
My lament of iPod music lost (7/27)
Pepper spray for chalk? Maybe I am cracking (7/27)
These days are just packed (7/20)
Your online guides to Namilish (7/20)
Musings for the past couple of weeks (7/19)
Thomas Jefferson and Independance Day (7/19)
Newsweek day and my iPod (7/13)
Blog fixed (I think) and donkey carts (7/10)
I'm Online! (7/10)

Etosha photos (7/26)
Etosha! (7/26)
Traditional home in Owamboland (7/11)
My trip to Owamboland (7/11)
I'm not trying to get Polio (6/21)
Help, my camera is broken (6/19)

Photo drop (7/14)
a post while I had a chance (7/3)
So things are going OK in Nam (6/26)
Pictures (6/26)

Playing catch-up (7/21)
While I was in Swakopmund (6/23)

Some portraits (7/14)
Facilities (7/14)
Suppertime (7/14)
Locked and loaded (7/14)
Vic Falls Pictures (7/10)
Flying over the falls (7/10)
Otjituuo (7/7)
Soundtrack to my service (6/27)
Scenes from Tsumeb, Otjiwarongo and Keetmanshoop (6/23)
Death in the city (6/22)
Faces around Otjituuo (6/22)

Link to previous list of recent blogs (5/18-6/17)

Recent news from Namibia:
We have won the Polio battle, says govt (7/26) - The Namibian
Rural school in dire straits (7/24) - New Era
Mystery disease strikes school (7/24) - The Namibian
Population boom puts pressure on Namibian capital (7/23) - AND
Polio round two impresses health officials (7/21) - The Namibian
Namibia says Zimbabwe a role model for land reform (7/19) - Mail and Guardian
AIDs impact on the elderly (7/19) - The Namibian
Low polio turnout worries health officials (7/19) -The Namibian
Second anti-polio campaign starts tomorrow (7/17) - The Namibian
Nujoma drops atomic bombshell (7/17) - IOC
Nujoma a threatens with Atom Bombs (7/17) - The Namibian
Fuel price goes up again (7/17) - New Era
OPIC approves $25 million to finance Namibian diamond production (7/14) - US State Dept Info
Skills anorexia dogs Namibia (7/14) - New Era
Camp shows Namibian boys (from Nam 25 PCV Luke Heinkel's school in Opuwo) the American way of life (7/12) - Rhinelander Daily News
Conquering poverty lies in ones own hands (7/12) - New Era
Good rains boost water security through May 2008 (7/11) - New Era
Jellyfish population explosion (7/11) - IOL
Polio cases creep up (7/11) - The Namibian
Crop production hit by heavy rains (7/6) - The Namibian
PM confirms hostage claims (7/5) - New Era
Polio still on the increase (7/5) - New Era
More doses of polio vaccine arrive (7/4) - The Namibian
Hands off Zimbabwe, says Nujoma (7/3) - New Era
Windhoek relaxes rules for Shebeeners (6/30) - The Namibian
Polio cases top 147 (6/28) - New Era
Fascinating history of Shebeens (6/28) - New Era
Health officials plan for Polio round two (6/27) - The Namibian
Two Rhinos escape from Etosha (6/27) - The Namibian
After Pitt/Jolie, Namibia plans the world's largest barbeque (6/26) - Reuters
Nujoma lashes out at drunkards, shebeeners (6/26) - The Namibian
Parliment gets a roasting (6/23) - The Namibian
Namibian polio drive a success (6/23) - News 24
Polio immunization drive combats first outbreak in ten years (6/23) - UN News
The unique world of the Damaraland naked mole rat (6/23) Science news online
We hear you, but give us time, PM urges Shebeeners (6/21) - The Namibian
Opinion: Sheebeens are destructive - Reverend (6/21) - New Era
Satire: Brad Pitt to get dental checkup in Namibia (6/21) - Newsweek
HIV/AIDs Awareness website (6/20) - New Era
Door to door and farm to farm in the battle against polio (6/19) - Interpress
UNHRC in Namibia faces a cash crunch (6/19) - The Namibian
Should travellers to Namibia worry about Polio (6/20) - Health 24
Opinion: Crackdown on informal bars sparks protest (6/19) - UNIRIN
Education in a multiracial society (6/19) - New Era
Britney's wish to give birth in Namibia a possible hoax (6/18) - All headline news
Namibian beetle spawns new material (6/19) -

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