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Nam 25 PCV blogs and Namibian news for 5/18-6/17

Recent blog posts from some of Amy's teammates (58 Peace Corps Volunteers known as NAM 25) all across the country of Namibia:

Jason's page of Nam 25 blogger photos and links

Swakop, polio and elephants (6/7)
A few stories (6/3)
Photos of Amy (6/3)
Breaking up fights, checkers and yet another beauty contest (5/29)
Rafting on the Kunene river, packages and a few thoughts on international aid (5/21)

all vol conference, catching up...(6/13)
Some project info... (6/4)
Photos and the week continued (5/30)
A typical week in review (5/27)


Say hello, Wave goodbye (6/12)
Back posts from the month of May (6/5)

Thursday is a big day (6/13)
All Volunteer Conference 2006 (6/13)
Girls club at Danie Joubert (6/12)
Shout outs (5/26)
Back from holiday and back to work (5/22)
Beth's Namlish top ten list (5/2)

Memorable moments (6/13)
Lizzards and spiders and snakes oh my! (6/2)
Namibia is on Drudge (5/29)
Another goal (5/27)
Isn't Africa supposed to be hot? (5/25)
Sometimes you just have to laugh (5/21)
Mood swings (5/19)
New photos posted (5/19)

Mama's got the magic (6/5)
The River Wild (5/24)
And the Moscow Circus was in town (5/19)

June 2006 (6/5)



Baby time and photos of "Lucky" (6/17) NEW
Freakin computer! (6/15)
New posts also before this (6/11)
All volunteer conference (6/10)
Stress of Peace Corps (6/10)
Me at Vic Falls and other photos (6/10)
Meetings, meetings, meetings (5/31)
The market 5/5 (5/29)
Botswana safari 5/4 (5/29)
Long bus ride 5/1 & Boozin Vic Falls 5/3 (5/27)
M Bag and Water (5/17)
House update among other thoughts (5/16)

Posts about reconnect, Victoria Falls, bungee-jumping and Term 2 back to April (5/22)

Email to a friend about reconnect and the Fish River Canyon trip posted on her friend's blog (5/10)

All Volunteer Conference - including many photos (6/12)
The weekend (6/4) - plus new photos
Soccer (6/2)
Fast food (5/30)
Goodbye summer (5/29)
My shoes (5/22)
Shout out to Mariel's (and Dan's) parents (5/21)
More picts from the Naukluft trail (5/21)
Settling in (5/19)
Caught-Oops! (5/18)
Newspaper article (5/18)
The Naukluft Trail - 8 days of danger (5/18)

Pods (6/17) NEW
Feeling my White-ness (6/15)
New Start (6/14)
Jays Phat Mac (6/14)
What? Now that's stress... (6/12)
A snapshot of my thoughts (5/25)
Imagine (5/25)


Several backposts including a daily Fish River Canyon diary (6/3)

Day of the African Child (6/16) NEW
PCV's invade Swakopmund (6/12)
Photos (5/19)
Back from vacation (5/19)

A brand new blogger from NAM 25!
1st entry (6/5)
2nd Post... but not too informative (6/5)
More pictures (6/5)

The long-awaited cow slaughtering story (6/12)
Soccer (6/12)
Photos of the new soccer uniforms (scroll to the bottom of the page)

being the long-awaited update: the fish river post (5/26)

Long time, no post... (5/26)

Link to previous list of recent blogs (4/14-5/17)

Recent news from Namibia:
Was the Britney-to-Namibia story a Hoax? (6/17) - Washington Post
Polio cases hit the 60 mark (6/15) - The Namibian
115 year old man dies in the North (6/15) - The Namibian
Vaccinations ready to go (6/14) - New Era
Jobless rate officially at 36.7 percent (6/14) - The Namibian
Confusion about Hollywood donation (6/14) - New Era
Polio still spreading (6/13) - New Era
Brangelina and family leave Namibia (6/10) - CBS
NAM 24 PCV interviewed by his local paper (6/9) - PortsmouthHerald
Government launches crash Polio campaign as outbreak confirmed (6/8) - UNRIN
Jolie-Pitt press conference praises Namibia, promises future visits (6/7) - People
National alert and massive drive to stop polio (6/7) - the Namibian
Namibian Polio Outbreak leaves 7 dead 34 hospitalized (6/6) - Bloomberg
In praise of the maligned sweatshop (6/6) NY Times
Namibia suffers polio setback (6/6) BBC
Virus baffles officials (6/5) - The Namibian
Paralysis cases go up to 22 (6/5) - New Era
Brad and Angelina's baby lucky to be alive (5/31) FOX News (also read the next 2 articles)
Opinion: It's a Texas miracle Shiloh survived (6/5) -Namibian
Response: E-mail uprising over Friedman follies (6/2) - the Namibian
Country's HIV figures are not coming down says UNAIDs (6/2) - the Namibian
Mystery disease kills three (6/2) - the Namibian
Namibia to explore Kalahari truffle (6/2) -New Era
Namibian Widows suffer much more than the loss of their spouses (6/1) - LA Times
Charity follows Shiloh ($300K gift to Namibian hospitals) (5/30) - USA Today
Jolie-Pitt newborn puts little-known Namibia on tourism map (5/30) - USA Today
A star is born (5/30) - New Era
Cassinga refugee massacre remembered (5/26) - The Herald
Perhaps at Pentecost, the voices were singing (5/30) - Lutheran magazine
Country's right record unchanged: Amnesty International (5/30) - The Namibian
Brangelina: Namibia's Biggest Game (5/28) - Washington Post
Pitt and Jolie have a baby daughter (5/28) - BBC
Namibian governor dashes Brangelina rumors (5/25) - People Magazine
Governor to name "Brangelina" baby (5/24) - New Era
Saved by the rain (5/19) - Namibian Economist
Country's AIDs death toll (5/19) -New Era


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