Thursday, September 21, 2006

Amy is in Etosha

After Nancy's appointment on Wednesday, we came home and called Amy about 10 AM (5PM her time). I had taken the morning off work so we took the opportunity while we could. The phones had been out all weekend again, which was disappointing because we had tried to call
her from her from one of her Wheaton friend's house on Sunday morning.

She was doing well. She said she was glad we called because they had recruited her as a polling assistant during the school board elections they were having on Wednesday all day and she was glad to get away from it. She thinks they choose her for some things just because she is the different one in town. Kind of like: "who should we get to do this...I know lets have Amy do it."

She left today for a school trip to nearby Etosha National Park (one of the premier game parks in the world). She hoped to see zebra and lion along with the elephant, giraffe, ostrich and oryx she sees all the time. It was going to be 37 7th graders plus 7 adults (she think she was the only female adult for the 16 girls though). They are going to stay in a school hostel tonight, Friday and Saturday nights. They will visit the good places tomorrow and Saturday and return Sunday. She said the budget for the whole trip was $4500 N ($600 US) mostly raised by donations and food from the hostel and that included everything (gas, vehicles, housing, fees and food).

Next weekend, she will be going to Windhoek to buy the copier and, depending on the ride situation, bring it back. October 6,7, she will go to Otjiwarongo to visit PCV's and perhaps celebrate her birthday with others.

Other tidbits she told us:
--she devoured the Christianity Today magazines that G & G sent and downloaded a few more articles from the web.
--she is reading the Brothers Karamazov and loves it
--since prepaid electricity started in Anker many more cook fires are being used. She hasn't had to pay for it yet and thinks it is being covered by the PC
--she text messaged Matt about the teacher that caused her grief last week and Matt TM'ed back and made her feel better about it.
--she tried ostrich meat and found that, instead of tasting like chicken, it is more like beef.
--she helps Mrs /Goageses with grammar and spelling on papers she is writing for a class and a test she will have to take soon for some kind of correspondence class she is taking.
--Dylan, Sandra and Mike have a package for her in Kamanjab for her birthday.
--she got her adaptor back for her computer
--because the oven and refrigerator cords are too short to reach the one (chest high) plug she has in her kitchen, she has to use an adaptor for them too. When she also plugged her hot pot into it the adaptor burned out. She opened it up and soldered it and now she only has her refrigerator plugged in to it.

It was good to talk to her and she sounds like things are going well so far.

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