Saturday, March 11, 2006

Doing better (e-mail from Amy)


So I'm doing a little better after some nice pills and an amazing meal
last night (I cooked honey chicken and Patty-O made this
cabbage/carrot/peanut dish and we had garlic bread with Mozorella.)
School is going OK. I'm not sure that I'm a very good teacher. I
don't think I plan my lessons very well and discipline is becoming a
bigger problem, but I think I'm a pretty good librarian, so I'm
comforting myself with that thought.

If anyone knows any non-profits that give away computers,
or if anyone has any connections with any computer companies, please
let me know. It's my big project to get at least one working
computer at Edward //Garoeb PS.

I finished The Covenant while I was sick, only to find
that I had only volume one and the library doesn't have volume two,
which is annoying me to no end. Anyway, I started Anna Karinina. I
had started it before I left for the Peace Corps, but everything got
crazy. I was thrilled to find this copy in the Peace Corps library.
It's ridiculous, though. This book is hanging on to life by a thread.
It was a paperback, but all of the pages have broken away from the
binding so now it's really a stack of papers held together by a rubber
band, still, a book is a book.

About the internet access- I still haven't tested it out.
I couldn't get a phone card, which is what I need to use one of the
land lines, so I'll get one of those here (I could easily get one in
Kamanjab, but Anker's shops were all out when I checked.) Anyway,
I'll still try.

We got a new pastor at church (I assumed that the church
just never had a consistant pastor- just itinerant preachers) and he
gave me the reference and a short meditation, which was nice since I
feel on display when they translate into English and I feel lost when
they don't. It was a nice balance.

Anyway, Life's going well. I told the PCV I'm staying with that I
have to get tonsillitis more often (or just take more illicit visits
to the big city.) Good to hear from some of you. Take care and God

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