Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Amy is in Windhoek

We got an e-mail today from Amy. She is now in the capital city of Windhoek, about 350 miles from her town of Anker. After being in Otjiwarongo with flu-like symptoms since last Thursday, the Peace Corps medical staff decided they wanted to check her out at their HQ in the capital city. We got a hold of her cell phone this morning at 6:30 AM (2:30 PM her time) to see how she was doing. She said she was feeling much better and sounded good over the phone. She said that they were being extra careful with her being so far away from medical facilities. She arrived on Monday in Windhoek and will be staying until Friday.

She is staying in a medical flat attached to the PC HQ in Windhoek. They think have eliminated all things except what she originally thought (i.e. tonsillitis) and want to continue to check that out today and tomorrow. They have done blood and other tests and she does not have malaria or any other major illnesses. She wanted us to know that she is feeling much better. In fact, she said she is feeling so good today that she might go to a movie with Megan and Jason (other PCVs) tonight because Wednesday is half price day at the only movie theater in Namibia.

Megan (PCV from Otjiwaraongo) actually has a driver for the health and community program she runs and that is how Amy got to Windhoek. She will go back to Otji on Friday with Megan and her driver and then try to get a ride back to Anker after that.

She actually sounded quite upbeat and had a few new ideas to try out with her students. One was to use "The Namibian" newspaper articles and classifieds for some activities. It is only about $1.00 N (.15 US) so she could buy several copies to cut things out. She said she is worried about her kids and expects that they are having to hand copy pages from their textbooks into their notebooks. She doubts that they will have any substitute teachers for her.

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