Friday, March 17, 2006

Amy is on her way back to Anker

Well, Amy is on her way back to Otjiwarongo today. We talked on her cell phone yesterday while she was still in Windhoek. She was doing much better and felt good. The PC medical gave her an antibiotic to bring with her so that if she gets sick again and they diagnose her over the phone, she can start taking something right away.

On Wednesday evening, she went out with Jason and Megan to the movie, "Zathura". The movie theater was in a typical western style mall. The movies are half price on Wednesdays so the cost of a ticket was $20 N or about $1.50 US. They also played mini golf for $15 N ($1 US). Life in the big city is good. She shopped a bit at the grocery store, a big one and said her eyes must have been big too. She commented again on the great disparity between rich/poor and city/rural in the country.

Today was another snow day here (as was Monday) so we called her about 7:45 AM (3:45 pm her time). We talked about an hour. She was just hanging out in her flat next to the PC office and was planning to go out to eat with Jason Thursday evening. Then today, she is going with Megan to Otjiwarongo and will probably hang out there for the 4 day holiday weekend. This is Namibian independence celebration and not only will there be few if any rides into Anker until Tuesday, but there will be almost no one in town. She has Monday and Tuesday off and will probably hook up with some other PC's for a party sometime.

We might get to talk to her sometime again over the weekend while she is in cell range. She is still thinking that the PC HQ will be getting cell antennae for all the rural PC's. We did get her principals phone number. Interesting fact: she looked in a phone book (there's only one for the whole country) and found that there are only 15 personal phones numbers listed for the Anker region (not counting government, utilities or schools). That's not many for an area of a few thousand people.

Thanks to all who expressed their concern and prayers while Amy was sick.

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