Saturday, January 05, 2008

Where is Amy today? Friday - Saturday, January 4-5

Nairobi, Kenya
The tour was to have spent a night in the border town of Namanga, Kenya yesterday, but due to the recent unrest in the country, decided to go on to a camp outside of Nairobi. They are probably just being extra safe by going to a familiar location. It looks like they will spend two overnights here. It is unlikely that any visits will be made to Nairobi proper because of travel warnings and uncertainty. Things have settled down a bit in the last couple of days with both sides looking for ways to bring down the level of violence.

Amy's flight leaves Nairobi at 4:45 AM (Kenya time) tomorrow morning or at 7:45 PM this evening Central time(-9 hours).

It arrives in Cairo at 8:35 AM (Egypt time) tomorrow morning or at 12:35 AM Sunday morning Central time(-8 hours).

Time in Nairobi