Saturday, January 12, 2008

Luxor (email from Amy)

Well, We're safe in Luxor. Intending to head off to Hurghada and then on to Sinai tomorrow and the next day. In Luxor we saw the valley of the kings. I happen to think it's sort of their fault that their tombs were all raided. What do you expect if you build a giant room that everyone knows is located in a certain place and then fill it with gold? We've also seen a whole bunch of temples. Some of them still have original paint on them. I can't help but be amazed as I stare up at 4000 or 5000 year old paint. Still, tomb and temple fatigue is a real problem. After a while it's just another goddess shoving an ankh down another Pharaoh's throat, another Pharaoh bashing in the heads of his enemies, and another giant stone structure. I think one of the most exciting things I have seen is the ancient Greek graffiti on the walls. It's amazing to think that these places have not only been here for thousands of years, but they've been tourist traps for thousands of years. We're eaing pretty well. Yesterday we had McDonalds. It seems pretty exotic after 2 years in Namibia (although no bacon cheeseburgers, for obvious reasons.) Today I tried pigeon. It wasn't too bad, not a lot of meat though. There are these amazing honey soaked pastries that are pretty good as well, and, of course, there's always felafel and shwarma. We're staying upstairs from the souk (market) which the hilarious guidebook that we purchased describes as, "fitting all of the stereotypes that Westerners have about the Middle East." It is a little annoying at night when everyone is shouting until late, and when attempting to walk through the market (at one point a persistant seller threw one of the pashminas he was selling over my shoulder and Pat and I decided that the next time that happens I should just set off running.) Other than that I'm doing well. I have a bit of a cold, but I'mn steering clear of schistosomiasis and other parasites. It is surprisingly chilly in this part of the world. Hope everyone is having a good new year.
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