Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quick note from Windhoek (email from Amy)

I'm in the Peace Corps lounge in Windhoek and our free ride leaves in
a few minutes so I have to be quick. I've been at reconnect for the
past two weeks. It's been a really good time (although we're up in
the mountains so it's been FREEZING, well mid to low 50s, but when all
buildings have tin roofs and no insulation, that's pretty cold.)

My plans have changed, I'm no longer heading back to Anker after
reconnect, instead I'm going the opposite direction on the train to
Keetmanshoop and I'm doing a sewing workshop for some out of school
youth at Jay's youth center and then I'm going up to the Opuwo area
with Dylan and Sandra and I'll probably go rafting.

I have a new plan for hiking into Anker (since it took 8 hours last
time.) I'm going to go up to tourists and ask if they want to see the
real Namibia and then offer them tours of my village in return for a
ride. I figure I can get some of the kids to sing and have them buy a
Coke at the shop that's in a traditional mud-dung house. I think it
actually might work.

We've been working a bit on grant writing (which is ridiculously
frustrating) and secondary projects and I've realized that my school
is one of the poorest of the group. It makes me feel like it actually
might be possible for us to get a copier, which would be nice.

Anyway, lots to tell you all and so little time. I'll write to you
all again when I get to Keetmans. Take care.

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