Thursday, December 13, 2007

Where is Amy today? - Thursday, December 13

Katima Mulilo, Namibia to Livingstone, Zambia
The plan is to cross the Zambezi River at Katima and catch a ride from a tourist or locals and to get to Livingstone by afternoon. She will stay at "Jolly Boys" hostel for the next three or four nights and meet, Patrick, who will be her traveling partner for the next month. Patrick is a PCV teammate of Amy's who COS'd the week before her and made his way to Livingstone via Botswana a few days before Amy.

***Update: I just "chatted" with Amy on Gmail at 9 AM (5 PM her time). She got in an hour ago. She walked across the international bridge at Katima and got a bus there to Livingstone. She said it was nice to have her own seat and no live animals aboard. It is pouring and everything she has is wet but she has a hot meal, a dry bed and three days to stay in one place before the tour.

See her email sent just after we signed off

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