Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Where is Amy today? - Wednesday, December 12

Grootfontein to Katima Mulilo
Amy got into Grootfontein at about 8:30 PM (Namibian time)last evening and stayed with Skye, a Nam 26 volunteer. Her driver brought her right to the house. She caught a ride this morning at the hike point outside the city in a Chevy Venture minivan with 9 other people bound for Rundu. We talked to her this morning at 2:30 PM (Namibian time)in the van about 70 km from Rundu. She plans to get to Katima Mulilo and stay in a hostel by tonight. She also has the option of staying with another Nam 26 PCV in Divundu, 215 mi. from Katima Mulilo. She sounded happy and excited.

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About the Caprivi Strip and Katima Mulilo

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