Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back on Daylight Savings Time in Namibia

On Sunday, September 2, Namibian clocks moved ahead by one hour. Namibia is the only country in Southern Africa to use Daylight Savings Time. Because spring is beginning there now and the daylight is getting longer, they changed the clocks to "spring forward" one hour. That means that the time difference between the USA and Namibia is one hour longer than it was before. For us in MN, that means they are now 7 hours ahead of us instead of 6. On November 2, when the USA goes off Daylight Savings Time, we gain another hour in difference. It's all very confusing. Want to know what time it is right now in Namibia? Check the clock on the right. Also check out these links from my post in April:

Daylight Savings Time

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