Saturday, May 26, 2007

There and Back Again

Hello everyone!

I'm back safe and sound from Mozambique. It was absolutely amazing. The beaches there are what you imagine when you think about desert islands. There were six of us going and we were all pretty much dead broke almost all the time (at one point we just pooled all our money on the floor and figured that together we had enough to pay for our housing with 200 000 metacais left over (approximately 10 US$) for us all to eat for two days. At another point we decided against a certain hotel because US$15 a night was too expensive.) but we had a good time. We swam in the Indian ocean, went snorkeling (with snorkels we bought at the dollar store), and ate pretty much nothing but prawns, bananas, coconuts, passion fruit, cashew nuts, and samosas the whole trip. It was ridiculously cold on the trip back, though. We were in a bus terminal at 3 am and it was around -3 C. Thankfully this Israeli tourist found a place that was open selling coffee and bought us a cup. There were a few harrowing situations. At one point we almost got left behind in the middle of South Africa and at another point we were in this dusty out of the way market and it was very possible we wouldn't have been able to get a ride out when a bus bounty hunter picked us up and gave us a free ride into Maputo. I'll write more later (I'm hiking out of Windhoek just now) but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm OK and I'm back in Namibia and, let me say, after four nights sleeping on a bus, I'm pretty happy to be back. Take care.

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