Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mozambique? (email from Amy)

This is the craziness of my life- I had been planning on hiking Fish River Canyon but the water was so polluted that we couldn't hike (well actually, technically, we could hike but we would have had to carry all our water for a six day hike and that would have killed me) I thought the vacation was a bust, but then...
Apparently about a week before the term was scheduled to begin the ministry decided it was stupid to start school and then have a four day weekend the next week, so we got an extra week off. Anyway, in about an hour I'm getting on a bus that will take me across South Africa- through Uppington and Jo-burg and on into Mozambique. We'll spend 36 hours to get to Maputo, then 6 hours and I get to spend a few days in Tofo and we take another 36 hour bus ride back. Probably a little crazy, but I think it'll be fun. Take care!

Google Map of Amy's probable route.

News story about the school calendar changes


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