Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thank you for the copier

Sida GanGans du Ra

(We Thank You!)

Several months ago I wrote about the school’s need for a new copier. With your donations and with the assistance of a charity called “Great Deeds” we were able to earn $2000 dollars, more than enough to buy a new photocopier and some toner. Unfortunately, my camera is broken, so I’ll have trouble sending you a picture of our copier, but it looks like this:

The copier sits in the headmaster’s office, carefully covered to keep dust out. The teachers are very pleased by it and excited that we won’t have to worry about how we are going to copy our exams this term. The headmaster asked several weeks ago to thank the people who sent us the money. I have several hand-written thank you notes that I will be sending to my parents to give to those who donated, but I wanted to make sure we thanked you all properly. The copier and toner altogether cost about US$1100.

We will use the remaining $900 to fix some of the broken windows in the school and hostel and to buy cement to finish the fence that surrounds the school and hostel. If you want to donate to either of these projects, please contact my mother. Thank you to all of you who donated. Your generosity has really overwhelmed the whole school. Several of the teachers have expressed their amazement that people so far away would want to give money to a place they have never even seen.

Thank You! Gangans!

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