Saturday, November 11, 2006

cars, dolls, and some groceries

Hey everyone,
This week I started trying to get some Christmas gifts. I collected together little things that I had or that had been donated that I couldn't think of a way to use in the school (mostly small toys and things like that) and I told the kids I'd trade for the rag dolls and wire cars they make. Unfortunately I set off this rush to make and bring things to me. Some kids actually tore up a sheet to make dolls. I now have close to 70 dolls and I think by the end of the weekend I'll have a similar number of cars, horses, elephants, and other toys. It's been a little crazy. I'm pretty sure I'll have to cut it off on Monday.

I already think I have more dolls than I have friends and family. It got me thinking. There is a lodge near here and I know they have a small gift shop, but I think most of the things come from factories in Windhoek. Maybe we could set up a sustainable income generating project here. My thought was that we could split the money up-a profit for the lodge, a small bit of spending money for the kid, and the rest of the profit for the school development fund (where their school supplies go) Still just an idea, though.

I'm getting nervous. My kids start their exams next Thursday. I think I've done about all I can in English, but I'd love to have more time to revise with the grade 7s. I got groceries this week. A good thing too, I was down to next to nothing--now I have lots of nice things-apples, cabbage, canned goods, butter, orange juice, etc.

Next week I think I'll be in Otjiwarongo. We've been working hard to finish the window project and I think we'll go and buy the glass next week. Then we just have to put it in. This week I finished The Brothers K and that math book I was reading and I'm a few pages from the end of Dune. Not sure what I'll read after that, maybe They Shall Know Our Velocity by Dave Eggers. OK, sorry it's a short one this week. The kids kept interrupting me.

I'll write more next week.
Lots of love,

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