Monday, February 04, 2008

The adventure continues but the blog updates end

The purpose of this blog has been accomplished and it is time to end the posts and updates. Yes, Amy is back and her adventure continues, but she can let you know about it herself now. You can email her, use facebook, call her or (imagine this) talk to her directly.

My original purpose was to keep people informed about Amy's adventures but it soon became a way of keeping people informed about her team, the Peace Corps and the wonderful country of Namibia as well. It also became a fun way to learn about the world of blogs and the world in general. I will continue to be interested in what happens with Namibia, the Peace Corps and Amy's teammates, but not in "public".

I will leave this blog available as a resource, though some of the links may eventually become dead. I will also leave it up as a memory of the time Amy spent there. If I ever decide to start another blog, I will let you know. Thanks for being interested and reading. I hope to continue to hear from or meet some of you someday. Feel free to send me a note or email.


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