Monday, April 09, 2007

Opuwo, etc...

I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to get email again. I've lost the ability to email from my site. I am working on getting that fixed, but I got a little distracted. By next term I should have email. A lot has happened and I have probably forgotten a lot of it. We had a five day weekend for Namibian Independence day and I went on kind of a ridiculous trip to Opuwo. First, I met up with a couple of other volunteers in Kamanjab. We actually got stuck there for the night (we stayed with some Namibian friends.) At one point some people came along with a completely empty truck (whatever you are picturing, it's not big enough. This truck was more like a tank. You could have fit my whole school in this car.) and they were going to Opuwo, but when we begged for a ride (with our best piteous I'm a poor volunteer face) they said, and I quote, "We drive alone." It's become kind of a catch phrase, because it was so ridiculous. We were going to have to sleep by the side of the road and these people had a completely empty truck. Atatatat. We got to Opuwo but in the end we just went to Khorixas and hung out at the lodge there instead because it was so ridiculous. Now I'm in Otjiwarongo for easter. On easter I played chess with Matt. Then we had a big dinner and we went to this orphanage for street kids and dyed easter eggs with the kids ( and my hands--they were completely green because I was working with the 3 year olds) OK I think that's almost all I have time for, sorry. I've been reading a lot but I've forgotten a lot of it (I've read 12 books this month) so I'm not sure I can update you. OK take care.

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