Friday, February 10, 2006

How to send an email in Namibia

This was an addition to the email Amy just sent and describes her experiences about the email she sent on Jan 20.

OK, here's the story with internet three weeks ago… I went to Clementine's house to visit and in the hopes of sending a message and I found out that they hadn't paid their internet bill that month, so her son told me where I could try to find internet in town; at the grocery store. The grocery store told me to check at the guest house. The internet at the guest house was broken (virus.) So then I ran around town to pretty much anywhere bigger than a shack looking for somewhere to send to you (I was actually considering trying to get a hike out to Opuwo or Otjiwarongo to get it sent.) Finally I went to one of the government offices. They told me that the internet was only for the head (who was gone) and they could get in trouble if they let me use it. I said I understood, but Mrs. Goagoses gave a rather impassioned KhoeKhoe speech about how I was going to try to hike to Opuwo and how it was to write to my mother and finally (out of pity) the guy said I could use it for half an hour and pay what the going rate is. I actually spent about 15 min. online and then I paid for ½ an hour, since I didn't want them to get in trouble. I am greatly indebted to them. I really have got to get internet in Anker. I'm typing this on the guest house cmputer (which is thankfully working today.)

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