Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day links about Namibia:

Map of AIDS rates in Africa:

AIDS battle far from won in Namibia:

UNAIDS program In Namibia:

Excerpt from President Bush's address on World AIDS Day:

Our concern about HIV/AIDS does not stop at our borders. Other nations face greater challenges, yet they are moving forward with courage and determination that inspires our respect, and deserves our support. Nations like Uganda and Kenya have demonstrated that leadership and honesty can overcome stigma and reduce rates of infection. Nations like Botswana and Namibia have shown that anti- retroviral treatments can be widely delivered and highly successful. These countries, and many others, are fighting for the lives of their citizens -- and America is now their strongest partner in that fight, and we're proud to be so.

We're supporting our partners through the Global Fund, which is helping nations purchase medicines and treat tuberculosis, the deadly infection that often accompanies AIDS.

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pacific said...

Thank you for writing about this! More people needs to know about what happens in African countries like Namibia and how people are dealing with AIDS there. Bravo~