Thursday, March 17, 2005

Amy's Peace Corps interview

Things are moving ahead for Amy and her interest in the Peace Corps (website). She got her application and recommendations done recently. Last week she called and they set up an interview with her on Wednesday.

In preparation for her Peace Corps interview, Amy actually did some things she hasn't done before. On Tuesday, she drove to a store and bought interview clothes: a blazer, slacks and nylons. Then she went into the career center at Wheaton to ask for help with interviewing. They offered to do a mock interview, videotaped her and gave her some tips.

Then on Wednesday, she took the train into Chicago for the actual interview. It was in an office building near the downtown train station and she arrived 40 minutes early.

They asked her all kinds of questions about her interests, background, how she felt about being gone a long time, even how she thought we might feel about it. She said it went well and it must have because she got a call back Thursday telling her that they would be nominating her for a position.

Based on her background, skills and interests, she was given a few choices of where and when she would go. She hadn't expected to have any choice in the location so this was a surprise. She is to call them back today and tell them her first and second preferences. The choices are:

English Language teaching leaving November 11 to a Sub-Saharan African country

English Language teaching leaving March 2006 to Eastern Europe, Asia or Pacific Islands

Special Education/Speech Therapy leaving October 11 to Pacific Islands

Special Education/Speech Therapy leaving in July

She says she is leaning toward the first one because of the date and the job. Africa is also an interest of hers. She wants to stay until November because she really wants to be here when Jewell has her baby in October. Yes, her friend, Jewell, is pregnant! She told us while she was staying here during spring break.

She sounded excited and all of a sudden it seems very real to her. The next step is for them to do a thorough background check of her medically and legally. She would then get an offer with specifics of the job including a particular location and job.

I guess it is also becoming more real to me too. I am happy for her to be following her dreams, but I'm just not sure what those two years away will mean for her or for us. Yes, we will miss her and we will probably visit wherever she goes. We don't control much of what can happen to our kids, but the distance makes us seem even more helpless.

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